[Icecast] live streaming on the web using a link

Wolfgang Schwurack wolf at uen.org
Wed May 18 09:48:12 PDT 2005

I have upgraded my streaming servers, I have a Solaris 9 server with 
darkice-0.15 and Solaris 9 server with icecast-2.2.0. Now the index.html 
code will not work with the new versions of darkice and icecast2.  I did 
found an email that said I needed to use http://url of site. tld/icecast 
mount point.m3u.  So in darkice I found "mount point of this stream on 
the IceCast2 server" which was = to "high".

I change the code in index.html from

mm_menu_0815145948_3_1.addMenuItem("high speed","location='http://audio.kuer.org:8002/playlist.pls?mount=/high&file=dummy.pls'");

to mm_menu_0815145948_3_1.addMenuItem("high speed","location='http://audio.kuer.org:8002/high.m3u'");

Now I click on the link from my web page and winamp tries to open the 
server name "http://webmedia:8002/high" which it can not resolve the 
hostname,  web.media.utha.edu  is the the server that is running 
icecast2 and audio.kuer.org is an aliases. I'm not sure were its getting 
webmedia from. If I do a nslookup on webmedia, it can not find the domain.

If  I do a nslookup on audio.kuer.org it find this, which is correct.

$ nslookup audio.kuer.org   
Server:  ns.uen.net

Name:    web.media.utah.edu
Aliases:  audio.kuer.org

When I run it from winamp and type in  the url 
http://audio.kuer.org:8002/high the stream comes across.

If I add " IP   webmedia    web.media.utat.edu" to the hosts file on my 
PC that I want to listen from it will stream across from the web link.

Any suggestions on why the link does not work from the web page?



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