[Icecast] Dynamic mountpoint/stream creation?

Klaas Jan Wierenga k.j.wierenga at home.nl
Mon May 16 01:06:35 PDT 2005

Hi Michael,

This is certainly possible with Icecast.

You could re-generate the icecast.xml file from a database table containing
the client details (including mountpoint and generated password) and send
HUP to icecast to get it to re-read the configuration file.

I currently have a scheme in operation where the webapp creates a new
account as a row in a MySQL database table and also touches a file in /tmp
(e.g. /tmp/new_client.stamp). A cron job checks for this file every minute.
When the file is found a script runs and generates a new icecast.xml
configuration file using the contents of the database table to fill in the
mount-point details. It then removes the /tmp/new_client.stamp and sends the
HUP signal to icecast with 'killall -HUP icecast' or killall
/var/run/icecast.pid (if that was created when icecast was started in the


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I am wondering if it is possible to create dynamic mountpoints/streams
on the fly?

What I am after is having a central streaming server where users are
able connect to a webapp that allows them to create an account, add a
new stream, and then are able to immediately connect up with

Is that currently possible?  Have I missed something?


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