[icecast] Legality Issue & Relaying

Joern Nettingsmeier nettings at folkwang-hochschule.de
Thu May 12 14:38:39 PDT 2005

Michael Hobbs wrote:
> Hi All,

> A question regarding this, can you use a single address (i.e
> as a link on a webpage) to balance the load between the various
> realys, or would you have to have separate addresses (similar to
> http/ftp mirrors)?
> I wonder if the former could be achieved with a "round-robin" set-up
> in the DNS server, whereby a single name resolves to different ip
> addresses sequentially, it would look something like this on the DNS
> server for example.com:
> mystation        0         IN         A
> mystation        0         IN         A
> mystation        0         IN         A

i guess you this is just an example... you are aware that the first 2 
addresses are private and will not be reachable from the internet?

> Above ^ first request made to mystation.example.com would resolve to
>, second to, third to, forth to
> - In my mind I think this would work, has anyone tried it,
> has anyone got a simpler solution perhaps?

this is called round-robin dns, and it's a common if crude way of load 

you might want to try karl's icecast branch. it supports a master-slave 
setup where the master when full will tell a client to go a free slave 
via a http redirect.



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