[Icecast] ices0 and ices2 on /dev/dsp?

Geoff Shang geoff at hitsandpieces.net
Mon May 9 08:09:53 PDT 2005

Jeff Simmons wrote:

> Simple newbie question (if I had the necessary hardware, I'd just try it).
> Can I run both ices0 and ices2 simultaneously, point them at the same source
> (/dev/dsp) and then use icecast to broadcast both ogg vorbis and MP3 streams?


1.  Ices0 can't read from a sound device.

2.  Even if it could, you can't directly access a sound device like 
/dev/dsp with more than one process.  There are some ways around this 

There's several ways you can deal with this, but probably the simplest way 
is to use darkice which can output both formats at once.


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