[Icecast] win media player prob

un at dom.de un at dom.de
Mon May 9 07:41:13 PDT 2005

Leo Currie:
> This link might be useful:
> 	http://gonze.com/playlists/playlist-format-survey.html

hi leo,
thanks for the link, it's definitely useful.

meanwhile i doubt that it's a mime-type problem. 
i've made some php-scripts with different header and 
mime-type output, makes no difference. wmp buffers until
the doctor comes... xmms plays obviously anything...
i've also linked the stream into dir.xiph.org for testing,
it shows up, when i click the link, wmp buffers... :(
(btw. the audio info isn't correctly displayed... hint?)
i mean i can just ignore the buffering and click the play 
button in wmp, then it works (at least for the last 10min...)
does that sound familiar to anybody?


ps: burst-on-connect is disabled

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