[Icecast] Stalled response from icecast to ices

Geoff Shang geoff at hitsandpieces.net
Tue Mar 29 15:34:45 UTC 2005


I'm going to get in before anyone else does.

Icecast 1.x is deprecated and not supported by any of its developers.  You 
may find a few on this list who are still using it who can provide tips, 
but the fact that kernel versions affected its behaviour sugggests it's a 
more complex problem and none of the Icecast developers support or even 
care about Icecast 1.x anymore.

Unless you've got a specific reason to still be using it, and please let us 
know if you do, we strongly recommend upgrading to Icecast 2.x.  Upgrading 
to Ices 0.4 is also probably a good idea.


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