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Fri Mar 25 10:00:59 UTC 2005

Hi Geoff,

The streaming version of Webalizer can certainly do this (hmm, I can't seem to find the link anymore, it used to be on a separate website, not and I use it for my clients.

See my post from September 2004 regarding correct logging of SOURCE time.


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> Onderwerp: [Icecast] Log analysis
> Hi everyone,
> Ok, so I admit I'm asking this to avoid having to do my own research.  but 
> I'm also asking in the hopes of avoiding doing my own scripting.
> ACB Radio is looking at moving across to Icecast.  There's really not a lot 
> to stop us at this point.  But we are keen to retain access to total 
> listener hours, average listen time and amount of data served per 
> mountpoint.
> I know this can all be gleaned from the access.log file.  What I want to 
> know is if there's any software that can already do this or whether I'll 
> have to role my own.  I've heard people talk about webaliser, but can it 
> track stuff like total listener hours?
> Any info on this would be helpful, including any scripts people have 
> written to do this if such standalone solutions don't already exist.
> Geoff.
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