[Icecast] Modifying xsl in admin dir

Crackity Jones crackitymonkey at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 22 21:03:35 UTC 2005

I thought I was trying to do something simple.  Just output the following 
mount - number of listeners - <list of all ips connected>

I had this working before but forgot to backup the xsl changes before 
redoing the server :(.  I know all I can do is modify files in the admin dir 
so I was trying to modify either of these 2 files:

using listclients.xsl I am able to get the mount and the list of ips but I 
cant get the number of listeners

using listmounts.xsl I can get the mount and the number of listeners, but 
not the ip list.

I read something about switching xsl to xml to see the data I have available 
but that isnt working for me and I am completely unfamiliar with xml coding.

anyone know how to get this to work?


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