[Icecast] ezstream

Joel Ebel jbebel at ncsu.edu
Wed Mar 16 17:50:32 UTC 2005

ezstream is only for streaming files and playlists.  Not live audio.
Darkice (ogg and mp3), ices2 (ogg only), or liveice (I think mp3 only,
but never used it) are better choices for doing live audio.  ezstream is
designed to be really simple, so it surprises me that re-encoding was
included in it at all.  ezstream can only stream one source to one
icecast server/mountpoint.  To my knowledge the only documentation is on
the web page and in the source package.  The config file examples show
pretty well what needs to be done to re-encode.  Now the ezstream has
re-encoding and metadata updating and the like, it has surpassed the
simplicity I wanted for my uses.  I'm probably going to write an even
simpler client for my purposes of just repeating an offline message over
and over.


Ben Edwards (lists) wrote:
> On Fri, 2005-03-04 at 09:46 +1100, Michael Smith wrote:
> ...
>>Compared to ices2, ezstream is very simple - easy to set up, easy to
>>use. It's also much, much less featureful. ezstream supports some
>>formats that ices2 doesn't, though. It also runs on some platforms
>>that ices2 doesn't (notably windows).
>>If you really need mp3, you might also consider ices0, which, despite
>>the similar name and low version number, is a seperate program from
>>ices2, and is very stable and usable.
> Can ezstream stream live (i.e. from the sound card).  Also can it do 2
> streams at once in the way darkice can?
> Has anyone done any documentation how-tos for it apart what is on the
> page at http://www.icecast.org/ezstream.php.  I cant quite work out
> where the re-encode stuff fits in.  
> Regards,
> Ben
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