[Icecast] no auth.xsl

Jonas Nyrén spectral at ludd.ltu.se
Fri Mar 11 16:46:59 UTC 2005

Kai Schaetzl wrote:

>Made my own first test with authentication only a few days ago. I wasn't 
>aware I can do it like above and have separate admin users for different 
>mount points. I just used
><password>some pass</password>
>which I took right from the icecast.xml example. I'm gonna try it out like 
>you described. If that works, it's much better.
You've got things wrong here. The authentication Dennis describes is 
listener authentication and not source authentication.

>It only exists when a stream is connected. Start streaming and then 
>connect a few seconds later. Then it should work.
No, it should always exist. but there should be no link if there is no 
stream provided.

I have no idea really why you have no such file. what is your webroot 
specified as?
it should be in that dir.


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