[Icecast] Winamp 0% Buffering mp3 streams

Kai Schaetzl maillists at conactive.com
Fri Mar 11 14:31:30 UTC 2005

Michael Smith wrote on Fri, 11 Mar 2005 11:09:51 +1100:

> Yes, you can use apache instead of icecast's fileserving. Indeed, I'd 
> strongly recommend it if you want to do any significant amount of file 
> serving. Icecast's ability to do this is primarily so that it can 
> serve up files as part of the admin and stats interfaces, and also to 
> provide a simple alternative for people who aren't already running a 
> seperate web server.

Understood, thanks. The main reason I asked about the static content was 
that it's most easy to test with in the beginning. When I had the 
Shoutcast server running for a short time before using Icecast I just 
dropped a file in its content area and tested listening. Didn't even 
install a source client at that point. I was missing that easy "first 
point of contact" in Icecast when I installed it :-)
Ahm, related to static content. There is no way of specifying a static 
fallback, is it? What I imagine is that when a source drops/stops 
streaming that some content from a local folder or a URL is played as long 
as this source doesn't reconnect or restart streaming. (Of course, the 
reconnect to the original streaming source isn't possible when redirecting 
to another URL.) Looks like a worthwhile feature to me, but I'm new to 
this, maybe there's no real demand.
I might have found a bug or configuration problem concerning fallbacks. 
When I first experimented with passworded mount points two days ago I used 
the example in the icecast.xml and created two mount points, each 
configured as a fallback for the other. When I restarted Icecast I found 
that it started dieing away, after a few seconds, after a minute. It would 
not even serve pages anymore, but the processes were still there and doing 
nothing special (no ressource loop or so). Since this was my first try 
with passwords I didn't have a clue where that came from. But after a 
while it became clear that it were the fallback tags in the file. After 
removing them all was well. I'll try if I can repro and will post back 
about this. Is this a known problem?
Another problem I noticed is that the username addition sometimes didn't 
work. I got an error "failed to add username" and the interface didn't 
show any already added names, although there was an authentication file. I 
finally put a new name for it in the configuration and started over and it 
works since then. Now I have two seemingly identical files with different 
names there, so the first one should have had them as well. It took me 
some time to find the auth file when I was troubleshooting this, I suggest 
adding its location in the log directory to the documentation.


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