[Icecast] Winamp 0% Buffering mp3 streams

Darrell Dominey ddominey86 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 10 19:01:04 UTC 2005

make sure that your mountpoint does not have a .ogg extention with the
mp3 stream, otherwise, it will try to play using the ogg plugin, and
will stay at 0% buffer

On Thu, 10 Mar 2005 19:45:09 +0100, Kai Schaetzl
<maillists at conactive.com> wrote:
> I'm new to streaming or music hearing over the wire, I still prefer my
> old-fashioned stereo equipment :-)
> But a friend asked me to setup a shoutcast server for him, so I went out
> and installed it, played a bit with it and didn't like it. So I looked for
> an open source alternative and found Icecast. Installed fine, works fine.
> But there is one thing which puzzles me and I hope someone can shed some
> light on it. It seems that Winamp on Windows has a problem with mp3
> streams coming from my Icecast server. It stays forever at "0% Buffering".
> I cannot find much about this when searching around. Sometimes it's
> mentioned that this can indicate that the max listeners are reached.
> However, that's not the case here and I can listen to the stream with
> foobar2000 and Windows Media Player at the same time just fine. The source
> client doesn't seem to play a role either. I streamed with Winamp, both
> with the shoutcast and with the oddcast plugin, and my friend uses
> Nicecast on the Mac. But non of the listeners with Winamp get a tone. I
> can listen fine using ogg vorbis with the oddcast plugin. When I first had
> the shoutcast server running I only tested "on demand" streaming with mp3,
> that worked as well. But any mp3 stream going over that Icecast server
> makes Winamp just sit there.
> My Winamp version is 5.something, downloaded just a few days ago.
> Any hints why Winamp might not like it?
> (BTW: there's no "on demand" streaming from a local directory in Icecast
> like you can do in Shoutcast, correct?)
> Kai
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