[Icecast] how can I identify disconnect due to low

Henk van de Ridder henk.vande.ridder at solcon.nl
Mon Mar 7 19:15:45 UTC 2005

Hello Karl

In your reply in this case you mentinoned:

>> Check your TCP buffers sizes as well, a larger RTT (ping) will require a
>> larger TCP window to maintain the same maximum bitrate.
>> karl.

We had troubles with the problem of "disconnecting when client has fallen 
too far behind" and we solved it temporarily by increasing the queue-size 
and the number of threads, but it is just a workaround solution and it works 
because our listeners only listen during about 1- 1,5 hour.

Do you have some extra information around the impact of the size of the 
TCP-window in relation to this problem ? Our clients mostly have a dial-in 
connection. We are streaming with 16kbps or 24kbps

Thank you in advance for any information

With kind regards,
Henk vd Ridder

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