[Icecast] how can I identify disconnect due to low <queue-size>

Mihail Egorov rt7 at bk.ru
Sun Mar 6 02:53:21 UTC 2005

> > 2. Is it possible to mark reason of disconnect at standard access/error
> > at level 2 (warn)?
> not in the access.log. If you don't get the above message then it will
> probably be because the listener closed the connection. The only other
> ways are an explicit kill, via the admin interface, or a shutdown of the
> source or server.
> > That is, when disconnect is FORCED by server, this will be marked at
level 2
> > (warn) or may be even 1(error).
> I could see a reason for logging at the info level, but you generally
> don't want such reporting at warn or error as it is unlikely that you
> can do much about it, the usual cause being a saturated link.  This sort


> of thing is best left for the stats.

Queue-size was default 100k. I have a problem of disconnecting clients after
2...20 second. One client drops connection even when he is the single
client. Server link was far far far from saturation, and another client has
not difficulties. I connected to unhappy client using video conferencing
software -- no jams, good quality. Error level was 3, so I can not determine
reason. Now I increased queue-size to 1M -- still no problems.

I still think to change log level of  FORCED disconnection to warn, but even
changing to info will be appreciated.

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