[Icecast] Streaming Council Debate on Software Patents via Cell Phone?

Felix E. Klee felix.klee at inka.de
Sat Mar 5 18:46:47 UTC 2005

I'm looking for a solution to provide a live stream of the debate on
Sofware Patents in Monday's EU Council of Ministers [1].  Here's what I've in

* Council --> mobile phone --> software answering machine --> Internet

* Council --> mobile phone --> VOIP --> Internet server

Has anyone ever streamed something via a cell phone? How would you
realize such a setup?

I may be asking for too much, but, perhaps, someone could provide a
readily configured solution where all that's left to do on our [2] part
is calling up a certain number with the cell phone?  If so, please drop
me a note.

[1] http://wiki.ffii.org/Dkparl050304En

[2] http://www.ffii.org

Felix E. Klee

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