[Icecast] What Does Icecast Do

ml ml at imux.net
Thu Jun 30 20:26:04 UTC 2005

New Life Bible College and Seiminary wrote:
> Hello, I have another question as to what we need to use with our
> stations, if Icecast is what we need.  We will be simulcasting three
> stations through DSL. No one will be accessing this but our stations.
> We will put out our programming from the main office, hook up a
> computer at three stations to receive the feed and put it out on air.
> Then also we will be on the internet with one of the stations.
> Someone told me that there were dedicated programs that are built
> just to stream from one station to the other, that other people can't
> access. They said that was best for streaming between stations.  What
> are we best to do?  Use one of these programs for that and then use
> Icecast for streaming through the internet?  Any ideas?


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