[Icecast] Windows or Linux

Joern Nettingsmeier nettings at folkwang-hochschule.de
Wed Jun 29 16:43:30 UTC 2005

New Life Bible College and Seiminary wrote:
> We are undecided right now if we will be streaming through a linux based 
> computer or through a windows computer.  Any opinions out there?  We 
> have heard that windows presents a major problem with viruses, etc. when 
> trying to stream.  Also, can icecast be used with both linux and 
> windows?  Thanks.

i'd say use linux and donate the saved license fees to some charity. for 
linux-audio related questions, may i invite you to the linux audio users 
list at http://linuxaudiodev.org ?
if you lack unix expertise, i'm sure you will find some kid in your 
community who's got or is willing to develop the necessary skills to 
keep a linux server running.

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