[Icecast] Multiple Shoutcast Sources

Karl Heyes karl at xiph.org
Fri Jun 17 00:29:19 UTC 2005

On Thu, 2005-06-16 at 23:51, Adam wrote:
> Hi all, 
> I have set up a an icecast server and have a Shoutcast
> DSP source connected. Is it possible to set up
> multiple shoutcast compat ports and shoutcast mount
> points.  When I try to set up another port pair (8700
> and 8701) and connect it says that the shoutcast mount
> point (live.nsv) is currently in use.

The nature of the protocol that shoutcast came up with limits us to how
we reference the stream.  The protocol has no concept of a mountpoint so
we are fine with 1 shoutcast source client.  When more than 1 shoutcast
source client wants to connect, things become more difficult, as firstly
there is a question of which mountpoint name is to be used and secondly
the metadata updates fail to work as we don't know which stream to

The load that icecast uses is very low, so it is possible to use
multiple icecasts, 1 for each shoutcast source client.

> I set up a seperate mount point in the <mount> config
> and it also will not use the password that I set up in
> that config, only the global source password.

The development code now allows for the password in the <mount> to be
used for the shoutcast source client. It was limited to the global
source password in 2.2.


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