[Icecast] Newbie questions

Michael Rensing michael.rensing at shaw.ca
Fri Jun 10 14:51:29 UTC 2005


Sorry for the newbie bandwidth, but I've read the docs I can find, and 
I'm still not clear on how this all should work. Could some kind soul 
take a few moments and help me get started?

I've ripped my CD collection to MP3 format and put them on a Linux box. 
I have an iPaq with WiFi, and I want to use the Linux box as a jukebox 
to play whatever I want on the iPaq while I'm in wireless range. I tried 
mounting the share using Samba, but the player just bogs down with the 
number of tracks.

I'm hoping that setting up a streaming server will give me what I want.
-Can I play single tracks on demand, or will I have to set up playlists? 
If so, does anyone have any hints of what to do to set this up.

I've installed icecast, and it appears to be running fine. However there 
was no sign of any audio. I figured out that I needed the streaming 
client, but got stuck there. My tunes are all in MP3, and I don't really 
want to re-encode them so that I can use Ices2. I tried to find a binary 
Ices0 for my Fedora 2 system, but no luck. Is there a better choice of 
streaming client? Preferrably one that lets me play individual tracks on 


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