[Icecast] Relay-only icecast with no encoders.

Alexander A. Vlasov listreader at rambler.ru
Thu Jun 9 12:38:32 UTC 2005


Let me describe my situation. In Ukraine traffic to outside world costs
much more than ukrainian trafiic, so I want to save my money and make
"mirror" stream server.
I set up icecast 1.3 server in USA and now I want to relay stream.
Encoder connects to my ukrainian server and sends stream, and users are
able to listen; now I want users to be able to connect to US mirror and
listen same stream.
I just set up alias like
alias /
but after connection and requesting `GET / HTTP/1.0' I receive error
404: stream not found. In logs I see
[4:Connection Handler] Kicking unknown 0 [] [No encoder],
connected for 7 seconds

But I have no need in encoder! Default stream should be just an alias to
my ukrainian server.
Any ideas how can I fix it?

PS. Appropriate parts of config:

mount_fallback 1
port 8000
port 8001
server_name dynamic
force_servername 0
client_timeout -1
kick_clients 0
alias /
kick_relays 100
transparent_proxy 0
allow client *
allow admin
allow admin
allow admin
allow source
allow source
allow source

WBR, Alexander A. Vlasov 

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