[Icecast] Installation and Configuration Issues

Geoff Shang geoff at hitsandpieces.net
Thu Jun 9 00:36:53 UTC 2005


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Matthew Schmidt wrote:

> I have gotten icecast2 installed. However, when I go to the status page 
> (http://localhost:8000/status.xsl), I get served a page, but there are no 
> stats on the page. There is also nothing on the mounts page. When I go to the 
> admin page (http://localhost:8000/admin/), I get some very odd stats. Every 
> time I refresh the page, the "client_connections" and "clients" stats 
> increase. However, the "clients" stat stays at 0, as does everything else.

Looks like you've got no streams connected.  There's not even any 
references to an attempt in the logs you sent, which suggests that 
connection attempts are not getting as far as Icecast.


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