[Icecast] icecast sound compressor

Balint Jacint bjacint at kvark.hu
Sat Jun 4 14:36:01 UTC 2005


I searched the Internet to find an answers, but I didn't find anything 
useful, so I'm turning to you, maybe someone has the answer.

I want to make a realtime broadcast from a Linux box. The source is the 
soundcard's line-in, and it sends the stream to an Icecast server.
I would like to have realtime compressor/limiter functionalities on this 
Linux box, so the outgoing signal would be of a good sound-level. The 
stream would be speech mostly.

I searched with Google, but couldn't find a good solution for this exact 
Can you give me a hint? What software should I use to make my plans?

Thanks for your reply.


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