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ml ml at imux.net
Sat Jun 4 02:49:14 UTC 2005

Lennox Grant wrote:

> Hello there,
> I'm trying to figure out if this could be done, and if so, if it could 
> be done with 1 IceCast2 servers running 1 config file.
> I use the DJ program that's called Traktor DJ Studio 2.6. It has a built 
> in feature that you can stream LIVE! to an IceCast2 server with it. All 
> the metadata info from the tracks played and played can be seen in 
> IceCast2 and the media player that the person is using to listen to the 
> stream.
> Here is where it gets a bit interest. The DJ can only stream in .ogg 
> format. This is fine if you use a media player that supports .ogg, but 
> unfortunately most users use Windows Media Player.
> Ok here is my question.
> Is it possible to for Icecast2 to take in (in .ogg format) whatever is 
> playing from the DJ program and have it stream out as .mp3? and if so 
> will all the Meta Data be intact or will it not show?
> So it's like this:
> DJ Program goes to  IceCast2
> IceCast takes in that .ogg format from the DJ Program and converts it to 
> .mp3
> Icecast does stream .ogg format but streams .mp3
> User listens to stream in .mp3 format.
> I feel that this will increase process power because it has to do 1 
> extra job of converting it to mp3 and stream it. That's it no prob.
> If this could be done, could you please send me a complete copy of the 
> config file and instructions on how to do it?

I would suggest the solution to this problem is thus:

Tracktor -> Icecast(server1) mount:high.ogg -> streamTrancoder -> 
Icecast(server1) mount:low.mp3 -> listeners

streamTranscoder can take ogg streams and convert to mp3 and visa versa.

A good setup would be the ogg in high quality and the mp3 in lowish.

You can then offer your listeners both formats and give them the choice.

WARNING: For mp3 you will need a licenced encoder, something that 
doesn't come with streamTranscoder.  You can use lame, but that is 
unlicenced, == not good in commercial setting.

LiveIce Project

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