[Icecast] streaming mp3 files

Wolfgang Schwurack wolf at uen.org
Fri Jun 3 14:17:30 UTC 2005

I have upgraded my streaming server to darkice-0.15 and icecast-2.2.0. I 
am able to stream our radio station from the web site but can not stream 
any of the mp3 files we are link too from our web site.  Here's what I have

in icecast.xml - webroot, were all of our mp3 files are located


website - index.html file, this works with icecast-1.3.12

<a class="readfull" 
Bats Part 1</a>

If I click on the link I get an error "The page cannot be found"

If I change the code to this, were the mp3 file is located, it trys to 
down load the file

<a class="readfull" 
href="http://audio.kuer.org:8002/soundscape/number19.mp3">Listen:  Bats 
Part 1</a>

If I create a m3u file number19.m3u


and change the code to this
<a class="readfull" 
href="http://audio.kuer.org:8002/soundscape/number19.m3u">Listen:  Bats 
Part 1</a>

it will open winamp but does not play.

Can anyone tell me how to fix this problem?


      0___      Wolfgang Schwurack
     c/  /'_    Unix System Administrator
    (*)  \(*)   University of Utah/Utah Education Network
                Tel: (801) 587-9444
                email: wolf at uen.org

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