[Icecast] Can't Hear Icecast Playlist HELP!!!!

Karl Heyes karl at xiph.org
Thu Jun 2 13:43:54 UTC 2005

On Thu, 2005-06-02 at 04:07, faculty wrote:
> I am a new to all of this icecast stuff.
> I have two machines on the network behind a router. On the icecast server
> itself I can click on the playlist link and it works fine using a xmms
> player within Linux. But it will not work on my windows machine using every
> other player. When I mouse over the playlist link it says:
> http://my_ipaddress/playlist.ogg.m3u   is this correct? Did I configure it
> correctlly? The only time I have any success is when I use a player called
> Quintessential, and put the URL into the player. All other players will just
> sit their and say connecting..Please help!!

it sounds like you have a routing issue, but without the specific
information it's hard to say.

eg my_ipaddress could be an external IP address which gets handled by a
NAT port forwarded router, and requests from inside the NAT are not
being bounced back in to the server.  The fix for this case is to either
configure that NAT to bounce internal requests back in or to use an
external DNS name (instead of my_ipaddress) and override that DNS with
the local inside-NAT name for your local machines.


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