[Icecast] Can't Hear Icecast Playlist HELP!!!!

faculty faculty at paranarecords.net
Thu Jun 2 03:07:41 UTC 2005

I am a new to all of this icecast stuff.

I have two machines on the network behind a router. On the icecast server
itself I can click on the playlist link and it works fine using a xmms
player within Linux. But it will not work on my windows machine using every
other player. When I mouse over the playlist link it says:
http://my_ipaddress/playlist.ogg.m3u   is this correct? Did I configure it
correctlly? The only time I have any success is when I use a player called
Quintessential, and put the URL into the player. All other players will just
sit their and say connecting..Please help!!


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