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Ron Blok ronblok at wxs.nl
Sat Jul 23 07:34:31 PDT 2005


Could you please keep me updated on your progress, I have tried to get the
song info on our web page using FTP. But don't like this way!
So I am anxious to see and learn!

Kind regards RoN

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Hi Christian,

Aaron Wolfe has already sent me a script he used for his online radio. I
only need to customize it -- and maybe create a Debian package from it. It
knows much more than I need (requests, cancels, more stations, etc.), I'll
have to cut out some parts.
To answer your questions I use Debian Linux, I'll use ices2 as source, not a
media player.


Christian Leitold wrote:

>Balint Jacint wrote:
>>Hi all,
>>I'd like to launch a radio station that would show the current, previous
>>and upcoming tracks on a dynamic website.
>>Is there any software around that would do just this task, or do I have
>>to create my own scripts?
>>The source (ices) is on the same computer where the icecast server is.
>First of all, it would be interesting which operating system and which
>audio player you use for the streaming job.
>Generally, I think at least with Linux it shouldn't be such a big
>problem to write own sripts for such a job, of course depending on what
>you want to do exactly.

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