[Icecast] Re: songs on website

Christian Leitold linux at leitold.info
Thu Jul 21 07:57:57 PDT 2005


Balint Jacint wrote:

> Aaron Wolfe has already sent me a script he used for his online radio. I
> only need to customize it -- and maybe create a Debian package from it.
> It knows much more than I need (requests, cancels, more stations, etc.),
> I'll have to cut out some parts.
> To answer your questions I use Debian Linux, I'll use ices2 as source,
> not a media player.
> Thanks,
> Jacint

I see. So you use ices2 to stream pre-encoded ogg-vorbis files for your
radio, thus using ices2's "playlist" mode. I would be interested in how
you achieve song / playlist changing with this method. Maybe you could
send me Aaron's script too, if he agrees.


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