[Icecast] Re: ices2 "crashes" respectivley produces hissing

Christian Leitold linux at leitold.info
Tue Jul 19 14:52:26 PDT 2005

Michael Smith wrote:

> On 7/18/05, Christian Leitold <linux at leitold.info> wrote:
>>I've just found out the problem also occurs when using darkice instead
>>of ices2. Therefore, I guess that icecast2 is actually responsible for
>>this strange behaviour.
> This couldn't possibly be icecast's fault - icecast itself doesn't,
> and can't, do any processing of audio.
> Given that it happens with multiple source clients, it really sounds
> like a problem with your sound drivers, though I couldn't suggest
> what, specifically.

I see. So you think it's a problem with my sound card respectively its
drivers. At least your suggestions sounds probable, especially as I've
done today a test with nearly the same configuration on another machine,
that streamed the music with no problems until I've stopped it after
some hours.

Thanks a lot! I'll better check my audio drivers...

> Mike


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