[Icecast] relaying IceCast from ShoutCast

Fred Black fred at batanga.com
Tue Jul 19 07:30:37 PDT 2005

I Found some old posts with some syntax for this, but it does not appear to
work.  Should this work in the Windows version?

Here's the line from the Path section of my config file:
<alias bind-address="" port="8010" source="/" dest="/Jazz"/>


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Great, thanks for the info... However... Like you said, I can't find much on
Here's the section from the icecast_full.xml file...
        <!-- Aliases: treat requests for 'source' path as being for 'dest'
             May be made specific to a port or bound address using the
             and "bind-address" attributes.
        <alias source="/foo" dest="/bar"/>
        <!-- Aliases: can also be used for simple redirections as well,
             this example will redirect all requests for http://server:port/
             the status page
        <alias source="/" dest="/status.xsl"/>

Anyone have any more information on how to bind an alias to a specific port?


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On 7/19/05, Fred Black <fred at batanga.com> wrote:
> I've been thinking more about this.  It would be really nice if 
> Icecast could add a port to a mountpoint and emulate whatever 
> information Shoutcast requests when it relays a shoutcast stream.
> This way Shoutcast could relay Icecast streams.

That would be nice, wouldn't it? Hey, it's already implemented! That's why
we have port-specific aliases. They're not really well documented, patches
to explain this a bit better would be appreciated. I'm also not sure how
well tested this is, I know I've never tried to use shoutcast, because...
well, I'd much rather use icecast :-)

Anyway, I think this should be possible just by configuring icecast, no new
features needed.


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