[Icecast] Shoutcast YP/WinAmp Directory Listing

Jay Krivanek admin at radiotoolbox.com
Fri Jul 15 18:14:42 PDT 2005

>Why can Steamcast list on shoutcast ? Who knows.. I think Jay reads
>list, perhaps he can chime in....

Yea, the logic that oddsock presents is what was presented to me.
SHOUTcast decided this route because you could easily interpret the
transactions necessary to list due to the open source nature and easily
manipulate listener counts to gain high visibility in the directory.
SHOUTcast put stumbling blocks in the way but it isn't really that hard
to bypass, although I wouldn't suggest doing it in Icecast unless you
understand the full gammet of their restrictions and rules.  Their are
also several requirements a server must follow to be listed at
shoutcast.com which at the time Icecast didn't support.  They ultimately
have control over what gets published in their directory so if they
don't want others there they can easily take steps to block them.

There are many alternative directories to choose from

www.steamcast.com is my version of Icecast2's YP protocal which I hope
to release soon so that others can run their own directory if they wish.


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 From a technical standpoint, we could make this happen, however :

1. the Shoutcast listing protocol is completely different from the
one, and so we'd have to code it and maintain it.
2. (more importantly) Shoutcast has, in the past, banned all
stations (and yes, even specifically icecast stations) from their 
directory.  They've explicitly stated they don't want icecast stations
their directory, so we respect that and do not try to subvert the

Their rationale ? They say that listener counts are too easily faked 
(certainly true) and thus they cannot rely on the listener counts being 
correct.  It's kind of an empty argument since it's fairly trivial to
the shoutcast listener counts too..but hey, who am I to judge :)

Why can Steamcast list on shoutcast ? Who knows.. I think Jay reads this

list, perhaps he can chime in....

At 01:45 PM 7/15/2005, you wrote:
>Looking at the faq on steamcast, it sais they list mounts on
>Why cant icecast?
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>you can, however, use my MediaLibrary plugin to view the Icecast
>directory in winamp.  http://www.oddsock.org/tools/ml_icecastlist
>At 01:15 PM 7/15/2005, you wrote:
> >Hi;
> >Is it possible for an Icecast stream to get listed in the Shoutcast
> >WinAmp?  If so, what's the correct syntax for the directory entry?
> >
> >Thanks,
> >Fred
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