[Icecast] Adding streaming MP3 files to websites

chip chiapas at riseup.net
Fri Jul 15 05:54:49 PDT 2005


i need to add some streaming media files to a website.  the files are
hosted on an Icecast server and i link to them from my webserver using
.m3u files.

the files stream ok for users with Firefox/Winamp but for IE users i just
get a page with an embedded QuickTime player in it which just hangs.  this
also hangs for me using Mozilla/Win2K.

i've made sure that /etc/mime.types on the Icecast server contains the
following and i've restarted Apache/Icecast:

audio/MP3          .mp3
audio/m3u 	   .mpu
audio/x-mpeg 	   .mp3
audio/x-mpegurl    .m3u
audio/x-mpegurl    .mp3url

anything obvious that i've overlooked or should be doing?

thanks in advance.


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