[Icecast] streaming non-MP3 formats

Yi Liang yjliang99 at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 15 01:15:24 PDT 2005

Hi, I'm working on a project to add more audio formats
other than MP3 and Ogg that can be streamed by
Icecast. Yes, I mean streaming those formats, not
converting them to MP3. These formats I'd like to add
include PCM (.wav) and ADPCM (.adp). Although they are
much less advanced codecs compared to MP3, they have a
valid market for low-power clients.

I've been working on the source codes, and believe I
need to write modules analogous to format_mp3.c in
Icecast, and mp3.c in Libshout.

Does anyone have suggestions, advice? Anyone
interested in this project and interested in working
with me? 


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