[Icecast] Compiling icecast on windows?

Karl Heyes karl at xiph.org
Thu Jul 7 17:17:35 PDT 2005

On Fri, 2005-07-08 at 00:45, Ricardo Meechan wrote:
> Hi list,
> I have posted this question onto the forums but thought I would also use
> the list:

> could you tell me if its possible to compile (icecast-2.2-kh12d) on
> windows using VS.NET 2003? 

it could certainly be done, as there is nothing really platform
specific, although I don't have the product to try a build. It's just a
question of the project files.

> i use vs.net 2003 for .net development and never tried compiling other
> stuff onit, 
> what dependencies will i require for it to build on windows? 

just the same as for the release icecast, xml2, xslt, pthread-win32,
ogg, vorbis, theora, curl.  The last 2 are optional but you lose some
functionality if they are missing.

> i currently have the linux version compiled on a fedora box but i have a
> colocated win2003 server and would like to try kh12 on this (for relay
> on demend) 

I don't have access to a win2003/VS.NET to even attempt a build, I
suspect we could do with cleaning up the build process for win32 but
it's a bit hard to do without trying it.


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