[Icecast] http/cgi metadata updating

Ross Levis ross at stationplaylist.com
Thu Jan 20 17:19:40 PST 2005

> you can already do all this outside of icecast (my DoSomething winamp 
> plugin was specifically written for things like that), so I'm not entirely 
> sure I see the benefit in sending the data to icecast.

Well, it could be used to provide cheaper hosting by subsidizing the 
bandwidth costs with CD sales, all controlled by the host and not the 
broadcaster.  This would require an in-line browser player, and not an 
external player.

It was just a thought.  Live365 does all this.  These changes would allow a 
Live365 competitor to use vorbis, without modifying the server code 

> If you want this data to then be sent to listening clients, you have to 
> deal
> with the fact that there is no standard for sending metadata to them

It's a shame that Icecast could not put vorbis compatible tags into the 
stream, for external players.  The reason being that not all users want the 
metadata of every track to appear at the listeners end.  Commercials and 
jingles, for example.  Switching off metadata within the stream and using 
the http interface would allow us to do that.

While I'm rambling, is there any facility to display a history of tracks 
played in a browser via Icecast?  I believe Shoutcast supports this.

Certainly no major issues but just some thoughts I had.


Ross Levis
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