[Icecast] http/cgi metadata updating

oddsock oddsock at oddsock.org
Thu Jan 20 16:48:31 PST 2005

At 06:39 PM 1/20/2005, you wrote:
>I heard that Icecast 2.2 now supports metadata updating via http for 
>vorbis streams.  We are adding http metadata support into our broadcasting 
>software for the next release.  Can someone point me to a link for the 
>syntax, or is it identical to the Shoutcast syntax?

the docs have it all... 
http://www.icecast.org/docs/icecast-trunk/icecast2_admin.html under the 
section "Metadata Update"...

>Has there been any thought on extending the syntax to send additonal 
>information to the server, such as separate artist and title, album, and 
>song duration parameters?  This could be very useful for a stream hosting 
>company.  The Artist & Album data could be used to provide links to 
>purchase the CD, and the duration would be useful for refreshing the title 
>information window for in-line website based players.  Live365 supports 
>these parameters for their cgi interface.  It may be worth considering.

you can already do all this outside of icecast (my DoSomething winamp 
plugin was specifically written for things like that), so I'm not entirely 
sure I see the benefit in sending the data to icecast.  If you want this 
data to then be sent to listening clients, you have to deal with the fact 
that there is no standard for sending metadata to them... There is the 
shoutcast-metadata protocol, but that is extremely limited in it's 
abilities (just Song title and Stream URL)...Of course, you can do a lot 
with vorbis tags (icecast will pass those along nicely to clients), but 
then you have a vorbis only solution, plus you still have the "client 
support" issue....


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