[Icecast] ezstream question

Dan V dan at gds.ro
Wed Jan 19 00:25:10 PST 2005

I can't seem to understand - how am I supposed to make ezstreams conf file
to get ezstream to reencode the stream it gets in stdin, and send it to port
streamreencoded.mp3 and also send it as not encoded to stream.mp3 ?
The input is MP3, out should be MP3 - one notice - I do not have a sound
card on the server - is it still possible ?

>From what I read, it is supposed to be something like this:

                <decode>madplay -o raw:- "@T@"</decode>
                <encode>lame -r -x -b 64 -s 44.1 --resample 22.05 -a -

Dan V

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