[Icecast] A few more ezstream questions

Joel Ebel jbebel at ncsu.edu
Sat Jan 15 08:01:10 PST 2005

oddsock wrote:
> At 01:58 PM 1/14/2005, you wrote:
>> 1.  How can I redirect the ezstream output to a file?  Every time I 
>> give ezstream a pipe or redirection of the command line, it doesn't 
>> output anything at all?  I've had ezstream 0.1.2 shut down on me after 
>> several hours and I was hoping to retrieve an error message or 
>> something so I could track it down.
> that's odd, what platform are you running on ? how are you redirecting 
> the output.  ezstream currently uses printf to print to stdout, (this 
> will change soon as soon as I get a spare minute), so you should be able 
> to use simple shell redirection..

I'm running it on Slackware Linux 10.0.  You might find it interesting 
that the usage message can be redirected, but the messages "Streaming 
[fileName]" do not get redirected.  The easy test for this is to add | 
cat to the command line.  Here's some examples of what happens on my system:

root at wknc:/usr/local/etc/ezstream# ezstream -c test.xml
Connecting to http://localhost:8002/test.ogg...SUCCESS.
Streaming /usr/local/etc/ezstream/messages/test.ogg
Opening file (/usr/local/etc/ezstream/messages/test.ogg)
Songinfo is ()

root at wknc:/usr/local/etc/ezstream# ezstream -c test.xml | cat

root at wknc:/usr/local/etc/ezstream# ezstream | cat
You must supply a config file
usage: ezstream -h -c ezstream.xml
where :
         -h = display this help
         -c = ezstream config file

>> 2.  I'm only using ezstream to repeat a 30s backup message over and 
>> over, but I'm doing it with 6 different formats.  Starting apparently 
>> with ezstream 0.1.3, ezstream preforms a metadata update through the 
>> admin interface.  First, I don't quite understand why it's doing this, 
>> since it's not going to change, but more importantly, I'd like to know 
>> how I can disable it.  It certainly isn't necessary for me repeating 
>> the same clip over and over again, and it just clutters my icecast 
>> logs with 12 extra lines per minute.  Is there something I can easily 
>> change in the code to turn off this behavior?  I'd go back to 0.1.2, 
>> but as previously mentioned it quits after a while, and I'm still 
>> trying to find a solution to that.
> there is currently not a way to turn off the metadata update.  you could 
> turn it off by removing the call to shout_set_metadata() in ezstream.c, 
> however that's not something I plan on making configurable...

I can handle that.  I've been making lots of source modifications 
recently.  Mostly to darkice.  I see shout_set_metadata in two places. 
Looks like you created a function to set the metadata but didn't use it. 
  I'll take a look at it soon.  It might raise some more questions about 
metadata, but I'll try to figure it out on my own first.


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