[Icecast] Ez-Stream and Error

oddsock oddsock at oddsock.org
Fri Jan 14 06:41:00 PST 2005

unfortunately, on win32, you will need the current svn version of 
ffmpeg2theora until .13 is released.  Until then you can download a win32 
binary here -> http://www.oddsock.org/guides/ffmpeg2theora.exe

At 04:52 AM 1/14/2005, you wrote:
>Hi....i will becam here an error under EZStream(Win32)
>"Unknown format THEORA, passing right on through!
>Unable to open file pipe:"...
>Im usung the ffmpeg2theora-0.12.exe
>here the XML File
><!-- This example is for a input playlist that can contain
>      avi and mpg (video) files files and a output stream that
>      is OggTheora.  The output stream settings  (bitrate, channels, etc.)
>      are controlled by the parameters to ffmpeg2theora. (see the decode
>      for the THEORA format later in this file). -->
>     <url>http://xxx:8000/theora.ogg</url>
>     <sourcepassword>xxx</sourcepassword>
>     <!-- This is what form your output will take. If you are
>          reencoding, this is the format to reencode to, if not
>          then you need to make sure all your input files are in this
>          format.  -->
>     <format>THEORA</format>
>     <filename>test.mpg</filename>
>     <!-- The following settings are used to describe your stream
>          to the server.  It's up to you to make sure the
>          bitrate/quality/samplerate/channels
>          match up to your output stream -->
>     <svrinfoname>My Stream</svrinfoname>
>     <svrinfourl>http://www.oddsock.org</svrinfourl>
>     <svrinfogenre>RockNRoll</svrinfogenre>
>     <svrinfodescription>This is a stream description</svrinfodescription>
>     <svrinfobitrate>128</svrinfobitrate>
>     <!-- Quality is only applicable to ogg vorbis streams -->
>     <!-- <svrinfoquality>1.0</svrinfoquality> -->
>     <svrinfochannels>2</svrinfochannels>
>     <svrinfosamplerate>44100</svrinfosamplerate>
>     <svrinfopublic>1</svrinfopublic>
>     <reencode>
>         <enable>1</enable>
>         <!-- Each encdec block specifies a pair of programs used for
>decoding and
>              encoding of the stream.  If reencoding is enabled, then all
>input files
>              must be first decoded before being sent to the encoder.
>              file extensions to match up input files with the appropraite
>              and uses the <format> setting to match up the output format
>with the
>              appropriate encoder.
>              Note: It it up to you to set the appropriate
>              of the output stream by using command line paramters to the
>encoders. Use
>              the examples defined here as a guide.  All output from
>decoders should be in
>              RAW format, and all input to the encoders should also be in
>RAW format. -->
>         <encdec>
>                 <!-- Support for THEORA (ffmpeg2theora does both decoding
>and encoding
>                                          so we don't need an encode part)
>                 <format>THEORA</format>
>                 <match>.avi</match>
>                 <decode>ffmpeg2theora -x 192 -y 128 -a -1 -v 0 "@T@" -o
>         </encdec>
>         <encdec>
>                 <!-- Support for THEORA (ffmpeg2theora does both decoding
>and encoding
>                                          so we don't need an encode part)
>                 <format>THEORA</format>
>                 <match>.mpg</match>
>                 <decode>ffmpeg2theora -a -1 -v 2 "@T@" -o -</decode>
>         </encdec>
>         <!-- New encdec sections can be added for new input/output formats
>     </reencode>
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