[Icecast] Ez-Stream and Error

stefan himpelmaier papa.schlumpf at my-mail.ch
Fri Jan 14 02:52:41 PST 2005

Hi....i will becam here an error under EZStream(Win32)
"Unknown format THEORA, passing right on through!
Unable to open file pipe:"...
Im usung the ffmpeg2theora-0.12.exe
here the XML File

<!-- This example is for a input playlist that can contain
     avi and mpg (video) files files and a output stream that
     is OggTheora.  The output stream settings  (bitrate, channels, etc.)
     are controlled by the parameters to ffmpeg2theora. (see the decode
     for the THEORA format later in this file). -->
    <!-- This is what form your output will take. If you are
         reencoding, this is the format to reencode to, if not
         then you need to make sure all your input files are in this
         format.  -->
    <!-- The following settings are used to describe your stream
         to the server.  It's up to you to make sure the
         match up to your output stream -->
    <svrinfoname>My Stream</svrinfoname>
    <svrinfodescription>This is a stream description</svrinfodescription>
    <!-- Quality is only applicable to ogg vorbis streams -->
    <!-- <svrinfoquality>1.0</svrinfoquality> -->
        <!-- Each encdec block specifies a pair of programs used for
decoding and
             encoding of the stream.  If reencoding is enabled, then all
input files
             must be first decoded before being sent to the encoder. 
             file extensions to match up input files with the appropraite
             and uses the <format> setting to match up the output format
with the
             appropriate encoder.

             Note: It it up to you to set the appropriate
             of the output stream by using command line paramters to the
encoders. Use
             the examples defined here as a guide.  All output from
decoders should be in
             RAW format, and all input to the encoders should also be in
RAW format. -->
                <!-- Support for THEORA (ffmpeg2theora does both decoding
and encoding
                                         so we don't need an encode part)
                <decode>ffmpeg2theora -x 192 -y 128 -a -1 -v 0 "@T@" -o
                <!-- Support for THEORA (ffmpeg2theora does both decoding
and encoding
                                         so we don't need an encode part)
                <decode>ffmpeg2theora -a -1 -v 2 "@T@" -o -</decode>
        <!-- New encdec sections can be added for new input/output formats
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