[Icecast] ezstream grabing line-in input?... (newbie)

Apostolopoulos Ioannis dpsd02005 at syros.aegean.gr
Mon Jan 10 17:50:52 PST 2005

Hello all friends!

I have downloaded the latest ezstream (0.2.0) for Windows version, but I
have faced some issues...

First of all, on the installation process, it neither makes the desktop
icon as it says it would do, nor creates a program group folder on the
startup menu. Anyway, I try to finf on my Program Files folder and run
in DOS mode the ezstream.exe


I want to ask if I can grab the input from my sound card and stream it
via an IceCast server. I do not want to play any playlist or file, as I
want to make separately all my music and voice and just give it to my
soundcard, in order to stream it. Is there any help or support on how
can I do this? And can I make it somehow to run ezstream as a service,
without managing to run it every time?

(Sorry for my English)


Any help/response is grateful!

Ioannis Apostolopoulos | University <BLOCKED::http://www.aegean.gr/>  of
the Aegean <BLOCKED::http://www.aegean.gr/> 
dept. of Product & Systems Design Engineeering
user's web <BLOCKED::http://www.syros.aegean.gr/users/dpsd02005>  |
email <BLOCKED::mailto:dpsd02005 at syros.aegean.gr> 
<BLOCKED::http://myaegean.syros.aegean.gr/> MYaegean Development &
Administration team <http://my.aegean.gr/> 
myaegean at aegean.gr


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