[Icecast] eztream broken pipe

Joel Ebel jbebel at ncsu.edu
Wed Jan 5 10:46:23 PST 2005

I discovered an interesting problem with ezstream.  I'm using version 
1.2.  I see 2 is listed on the website but appears to be a broken link. 
  Otherwise I'd try it to see if it exhibits the same problem.

I'm using ezstream as a fallback mount for a radio station.  It plays a 
30 second ogg file over and over.  The ogg file is just a 5 second 
message with 25 seconds of silence saying that the station is out of 
service.  If the 25 seconds of silence is pure digital silence, then 
ezstream will play it once the whole way through, but as soon as it 
lists that it is streaming it a second time it gives a "Broken Pipe" 
message and exits.  During the silence, the ogg bitrate drops to nothing 
because it is pure silence.  Winamp report 1 kbps.  If, however, the 
silence is -90 dB white noise, then ezstream continues to repeat the 
stream, and Winamp reports 87 kbps bitrate.

It's interest to note that an mp3 stream doesn't exhibit this problem, 
but I presume this has to do with the fact that the mp3 stream never 
drops the bitrate to 1 kbps.

I can definitely get around this problem using the -90 dB white noise, 
but nonetheless, this seems like a potential bug in ezstream that might 
warrant a look.  Perhaps it's fixed in 2.0.

Also, if anyone has a better recommendation for setting up a backup 
stream for use when the main stream is down, I'd be interested.  This 
seemed like the simplest method to me.


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