[Icecast] Darwin Server

Greg J. Ogonowski greg at orban.com
Wed Jan 5 00:06:11 PST 2005

Hello Ross-

We have considerable experience with this server, as we also develop for 
the RTSP/RTP portion of Darwin.

We have also had several problems with this implementation of Icecast1, 
especially with live streaming, not to mention that it is basically 
administratively featureless, and not updated.  We have not been able to 
successfully live stream using this server without audio glitches using a 
number of live encoder sources, including those we've developed.

The server only seems to work OK using the built-in playlist function to 
stream MP3 files.

I don't mean to speak for everyone here, but I think the answer is going to 
be to move on and use Icecast2 server.  If anyone has a better answer, I 
too would be interested in it.


At 20:54 2005-01-04, Ross Levis wrote:
>This may be slightly off-topic but I'm trying to find out information 
>about the Darwin Streaming Server and what it may be compatible with, as 
>far as stream encoder formats.  I saw this mentioned in an update.
>MP3 Streaming: You can serve standard MP3 files using Icecast-compatible 
>protocols over http. Build a playlist of MP3 files and serve them to MP3 
>clients such as iTunes, SoundJam and WinAmp for a simulated live experience.
>Does this mean that Icecast compatible stream encoders, such as Oddcast, 
>can to connect to it?  Any ideas?
>Ross Levis.
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