[Icecast] German umlauts

Brendan Cully brendan at xiph.org
Wed Feb 23 15:33:40 PST 2005

On Wednesday, 23 February 2005 at 21:09, Gerd Pleyer wrote:
> Hi there!
> I want to use icecast2 for streaming and have mp3 with german umlauts.
> On the status page all characters are shown corretly (utf8), but in 
> itunes the characters are miss spelled.
> I use nicecast for upstream.
> Where to look for the error?
> Is this a problem of nicecast, itunes oder icecast2?

I believe this is a problem with the metadata protocol (or more
accurately, the lack thereof). The charset of the metadata is
unspecified, so some players may presume it is latin1, others utf-8,
and who knows what else. I think itunes expects latin1, but only in
the most recent version.

In short, I don't think you can win. But you might get closest by
using latin1. YMMV though, this is just my personal experience.

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