[Icecast] Re: Severe problem with Icecast2 and streamTranscoder

Antti Näyhä sairwas at sairwas.org
Wed Feb 23 14:13:50 PST 2005

Michael Smith wrote:
> This still sounds more likely to be cpu starvation than anything else

It seems you were correct.  After updating my kernel (!), the CPU load
figures given by 'top' and 'ps' for streamTranscoder suddenly rose from
0.0-0.3% to about 30-60%.  There are occasional peaks above that, which
might very well be causing the problem.  And the system load now shows
as 4.0-5.0, which doesn't sound very encouraging either.

Next, I'm going to figure out if reducing streamTranscoder's LameQuality 
value solves the problem in the long run.  At least it has a noticeable 
impact on CPU load.

Thanks and sorry about the trouble; it wasn't really Icecast related 
after all.

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