[Icecast] theora streaming problem...

oddsock oddsock at oddsock.org
Mon Feb 21 15:46:07 PST 2005

At 05:16 PM 2/21/2005, you wrote:

>>dead on. thanks. i pulled icecast/branches/kh/libshout, is that correct? 
>>at least it works for me. it's not exactly obvious where libshout 2.1 is...
>unless one reads the mailing list and finds the official release 
>announcement. bzzzzt.
>to my excuse it is not yet linked from the website.. ;)

when I wrote that guide, I thought we were closer than we were to a 
libshout2.1 release.  As you mentioned, libshout2.1 was released a few days 
ago and can be downloaded here 
http://downloads.xiph.org/releases/libshout/libshout-2.1.tar.gz . The 
mirroring system that was implemented a while back can be pretty 
frustrating at times, and there can be a few days of lag where you can see 
that there is a release, but cannot get to it....

and for the record, that ezstream error message is exactly due to not 
having libshout 2.1...


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