[Icecast] buffering loop without without extension

rama medialist at xicnet.com
Sun Feb 13 16:23:12 PST 2005


I'm trying an ogg stream which doesn't seem to work at least on my xmms
if I don't use  the .ogg extension for it.

xmms runs into an eternal buffering loop, restarting just upon finishing
fill up.

at the moment I'm using ices2 got from icecast.org and karl's kh-6.
but I would say same problem happend with upstream version in debian
sarge (2.2.0-1)

however mplayer i.e. plays correctly without the extension on the

http://stream.kunstlabor.at:5800/h2 is at the moment an alias to
http://stream.kunstlabor.at:5800/h2.ogg so if someone would to help
trying it and giving some feedback.

i must use karl's branch as I *must* use the on-demand relay feature
to save $$$ bandwith from this radioteleskop getting the H2 frequencies
from the atmosphere (in Linz, AT)



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