[Icecast] Could anybody kindly add statically linked icecast 2.2.0 download to www.icecast.org?

Mihail Egorov rt7 at bk.ru
Fri Feb 11 21:15:33 PST 2005

> > This is important to Debian users -- packets exists only for testing and
> > unstable version of Debian Linux.

Another reason to have statically linked version -- to place it in a
separate partition in order to run already chrooted.
No need to update libraries. Ideal security.

> You forgot to say various essential things, like what platform you want it

Linux / i386, I think statically linked file will fit to ANY distribution.

> Regardless, the answer is going to be "no" - we don't have the
> resources to provide builds for arbitrary platforms. We make a special

Of course. But if you are actually using linux/i386?

> exception for windows, because it's particularly difficult for windows
> users to build it themselves (and because we have people who are
> willing to do those builds).
> You shouldn't have any difficulty building it from source on debian

1. I have to get libxslt-dev from backports.org (thanks to David Anderson)
2. I have to REMOVE libogg* and libvorbis* debian packages and compile them
from sources
3. Now I have icecast2 dinamically compiled, so I shall test it...

Now I have to figure out how to make statically linked version...

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