[Icecast] Can't change server_URL data

clowe at datafast.net.au clowe at datafast.net.au
Wed Feb 9 21:31:05 PST 2005

Hi all,
I'm using the Orban aacplus encoder, which sends the stream to my Icecast
server.  The Orban encoder allows one to set the station name, stream
title etc but there is no place for the station url, I suspect this has
been hardcoded in as I've noticed a number of other stations using Orban's
encoder also have links back to their web site.

Is there a way to change or overide this in the icecast.xml file?

server_URL: http://www.orban.com

I using Windows 2000.



PS: Is there a search function for this email list, I can't find it if
there is.

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