[Icecast] Setting up a windows icecast server problem

Geoff Shang geoff at hitsandpieces.net
Wed Feb 9 20:19:11 PST 2005

Chris McMichael wrote:

> I am using ezstream and below is some code from the ezstream config file.  Do I need to include some code with in the regular icecast config file that points to the ezstream directory.
>    <url>http://www.chris-on-the-web.com:8000/cwradio</url>
>    <sourcepassword>abc123</sourcepassword>
>    <format>MP3</format>
>    <filename>playlist.m3u</filename>
> above I have a folder named cwradio which is within the ezstream directory and the folder contains the playlist.m3u file.
> If I type in http://www.chris-on-the-web.com:8000/cwradio/playlist.m3u it should load my music right???  Why doesn't it??
> do I need to parse the playlist at the command prompt with the ezstream.exe file.

YOu need to run ezstream to stream your playlist to the icecast server, 
then you connect to http://www.chris-on-the-web.com:8000/cwradio (the URL 
defined in your ezstream config) with your favourite player and you should 
hear it.


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